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I spend nearly six months out of each year on the road for business.

Much of that time is spent from one airport and hotel to the next. Even when I’m away from home, my business continues without me, and staying connected is a necessity. This often becomes difficult, because batteries on mobile devices only last so long. By the time I step off an airplane, sometimes my phone is completely dead and I have to try to navigate a new city without it. All too often, I’ve had to sit at the airport and hunt down an available outlet at odd hours of the night, so that I didn’t have to drive to my hotel without a navigation system. Finding a power source in a busy airport can be a nightmare.

Thousands of travelers end up in the same situation and airports don’t accommodate this need very well. Some terminals have “powering stations”, but this only provides an outlet for six or seven devices, leaving the other people out of luck.

So I came up with the bag.

Josh Cross is a filmmaker and entrepreneur with over 15 years of production experience. Josh has overseen multi-million dollar productions for Fortune 500 companies, as well as delivered campaigns, commercials, and other corporate projects.


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